“How do I find my passion?”

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That is by far the most common question I get asked by readers.

Over the past few years, I have narrowed the answer down to three main elements:

  • The fundamentals of living with passion
  • Aligning with your core values
  • Finding your life purpose

They’re all related, but distinct. And only all three together will make you feel truly alive.

But when you do get them handled… you will feel a deep sense of satisfaction, running like a thread throughout your days. You will wake up motivated about the day ahead of you, and go to sleep content, knowing that you have accomplished something meaningful.

Finding your passion – a metaphor

Imagine for a second that your life is a sailing ship.

A ship that has found its passion is one that is gliding strongly through the waves, with wind in its sails, having a clear destination and steering towards it.

But if one or more of the elements are missing, the ship will just rock in the waves in one spot, or even start to sink.

The three elements break down as follows:

The fundamentals for a ship are having a water-tight hull, a deck and a mast. Without those, it doesn’t matter how strong a wind is driving you. If your hull is full of holes and you’re filling up with water, you will be barely inching forward, and might even sink. If you’re missing the mast, no matter how strong the wind driving you, you have nowhere to hang up your sails.

In your life, the fundamentals are taking good care of your body, managing your energy levels, practising self-awareness and few other similar actions. These make a huge difference in how much you can get done. It doesn’t matter how driven you feel by your purpose in life if you run out of energy to do anything.

Secondly, your core values are equivalent to a ship’s sails and the wind. Without any wind, even the mightiest ship will just gently rock in the waves, without getting anywhere. (And trying to go directly against the wind is downright silly.)

Your core values are at what’s important to you at the deepest level. They are unique to you, almost like a fingerprint. One of the most common problems I work on with my clients is when they try to live their life according to someone else’s values – whether it’s their friends, their family, or the society around them. If you live out of alignment with your values, it doesn’t matter how much money and other material successes you will gather. You will feel miserable.

On the other hand, knowing your values and aligning your actions with them will fill you with a deep sense of motivation – a driving force to get things done.

And finally, your purpose in lifeĀ is the equivalent of having a destination for your ship, a map, and a rudder to steer with. Because no matter how strong the wind is blowing and how tight your hull is, you will sit idly in the water until you find some goals that will make you pull out your sails and set your course.

And similarly in life, your purpose is what focuses your attention. It is the goal you are working towards, that completes the full picture of living with passion.

How to find your passion in life

The three elements above are the recurring threads running through all the content here on Alive With Passion.

Although I write about all sorts of things, from changing your limiting beliefs, to masterfully using your mental energy, to making a personal development plan, at the core it all comes back to the three elements.

Luckily, if you want to master each of the three elements directly, rather than picking up bits and pieces from various blog posts, I’ve got a few nifty things to help you do just that.

Firstly, the fundamentals of living with passion. I have put together a free e-book on this topic, which I call The 5 Elements of Living With Passion. (I named it before I realized that the fundamentals are only one part of the puzzle.)

You get a copy of this e-book when you sign up for my free monthly newsletter. (Which also means you’ll get extra content not found here on the blog, access to any special offers I make, and you will be the first to get hold of any new freebies I’m putting together.)

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Secondly, aligning with your core values is a bit more tricky. It usually takes up about an hour of the time I spend with my life coaching clients just to drill down to the core values, and that’s with me already knowing the process like the back of my hand, and guiding them through.

You have a few choices to master this element of finding your passion. Firstly, you can hire a life coach. Secondly, you can grab a copy of this book written by another life coach – it costs $45, but it’s definitely worth the money, because it teaches you the full process of finding your core values, ordering them and then aligning your life with them. (I don’t get a single penny if you buy it, I just honestly think it’s awesome).

Or, finally, I share a much simpler method for finding your core values in 5 Elements of Living With Passion (the e-book you get when you sign up for the monthly newsletter). That method only gives you a list of your values (rather than also helping you order them), and you might miss out some, but it works. So it’s definitely a good starting point if you’re not ready to jump into one of the more expensive options.

And finally, to find your life purpose… I have put together a free e-book to help you do just that. You don’t even need to give me your e-mail address. Get your copy here – How to Find Your Life Purpose.

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