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Your time and attention are valuable. I know.

That’s why I wanted to take a few moments to explain exactly what you’re getting into if you sign up for the free monthly Alive With Passion newsletter. (And get the free complimentary e-book, The 5 Elements of Living With Passion.)

And to make it easy to understand, I’ve broken it down into 6 main reasons to sign up:

1. An in-depth look on a topic, once a month

Every month, I pick a topic to go into in more depth than in your usual blog post.

2. Find out early about my upcoming personal development experiments

From what I hear, surprisingly many people like to read about the various experiments I put myself through. I don’t know why anyone should care about a random person like me, but hey!

When you sign up for the Alive With Passion monthly newsletter, you will find out about my upcoming experiments weeks before anybody else. And get a chance to try them out yourself at the same time, if you want to!

3. Hear about my special offers before anybody else

Occasionally, I might have a special offer like discount life coaching (if I have a few spots to fill before a major break), or a special launch offer when I write a new e-book. You will hear about those before I mention them on the blog. (And, in fact, sometimes I might not even get around to mentioning them on the blog itself!)

4. Free bonus e-book – The 5 Elements of Living With Passion

When you sign up, you will also immediately get a download link to my e-book called The 5 Elements of Living With Passion.

In there, I go through the main sticking points that drain people’s energy and passion for life. And I show you how to get all of those areas handled, to start living a passionately, deeply fulfilling life!

5. Delivered conveniently straight to your e-mail inbox

No need to regularly check this website, or mess around with RSS feeds. The Alive With Passion monthly newsletter iss delivered straight to your e-mail inbox!

6. It’s free!

The newsletter and the bonus e-book are completely free.

Further, if you no longer find the content valuable, you can easily unsubscribe at any time. And I will never give or sell your e-mail to anybody else. You have my word on that.

So, given all the reasons above, are you up for it yet?

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