Hi, and welcome to Alive With Passion!

I write this blog to help as many people as possible live a passionate, deeply fulfilling life.

It all revolves around this idea – Being human is about growth and striving for worthy goals. It is NOT about being in any one static situation.

Let me elaborate. You might think that you should strive for being content and happy with any situation you’re in.

No. Screw that.

Being human – being alive – is about growth and change. That’s the very definition of life – consciously impacting the environment around you.

Imagine for a second that you were completely content with your situation. That you had achieved everything you had ever wanted, and had no more outstanding goals to strive for. Do you have a word for that state?

I do. It’s called being dead.

Being human is about always striving for a worthy goal. It’s an inherently dynamic state. Just like rock-climbers can spend hours climbing a mountain, but only sit on the summit for a few minutes to catch their breath before going “Well, that was nice. What do we climb next?”. Being alive happens while you strive for a goal, not when you achieve it.

Now, we might get into a confusion about what a “worthy goal” is. So let me clear up what I mean.

A worthy goal is anything that makes you feel deeply, passionately alive. Forget all about what others expect you to do. Every human is unique. And it’s up to you to discover what makes you come deeply, passionately alive. And then go do that. Whether it’s art, or saving lives, spreading useful knowledge, or being the most bloody amazing house-husband you can be.

(Yes, I know a person who has that last goal. And it’s an absolutely brilliant Worthy Goal for them.)

I humbly hope to help you on that journey. The journey to break away from mediocrity and come alive with passion.

To finish off, here’s a quote from Howard Thurman, who pretty much sums up my whole point in a single paragraph:

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

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About Vlad

Vlad on hydraulic stiltsYou may have already formed an impression of me from the various images around this site. And you’re probably absolutely correct.

That’s right, I’m a penguin.

That being said, I like to pretend to be a human, so let me write the rest of this about page while keeping up that pretence.

Here are some random things about me:

And I’m absolutely fascinated by the human mind.

I like to think of the mind as a magical treasure castle. It’s full of fascinating wonders and secrets. And no matter how much you walk around and explore, there are always more hidden treasures to find. And even when walking through areas you thought you had thoroughly explored before, you find new hidden rooms and secrets. Every time.

I work as a life coach, because I love helping people improve their lives. And while this blog is a great way to help a lot of people, I really enjoy making a big difference in an individual’s life. And that can only happen working with people one-on-one.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been good at bouncing back on my feet from difficulties, and facing even difficult situations with radiating enthusiasm and optimism.

It actually took me quite a while to realize that this doesn’t come naturally to most people. And when i realized that, I started to research why I found it so easy to bounce back on my feet after difficulties, and how I went about it. I wanted to share this with the world and help others do the same.

Over the years, I have found out that what a lot of people consider unsurmountable difficulties can be just small hurdles that don’t need to get you down for more than a few days. And conversely, that even when your life seems to be going along just fine by objective metrics, you can feel passionless and drained of life.

And that’s why I became a life coach. To help people understand what really makes them happy and fulfilled, on a deep level, and to help them overcome hurdles and move towards feeling passionately alive quickly and effectively.

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