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5simplestepsAre you into personal growth? Do you sometimes wish the advice was easier to apply to your life? Do you wish some of the authors didn’t take themselves so seriously?

I know I do.

I have been into personal growth for years. I have read dozens of books, watched thousands of videos, and listened to hundreds of hours of material. Some of the information was crap, tons of the information were mildly useful, and every now and then I came across a few pearls of pure, distilled wisdom.

And these pearls are what I’m bringing you today. The best personal growth stuff I have found out there, mixed together with my own experiences and outlook on life, to give you a most delicious personal growth mix.

“I loved reading this book and found myself laughing out loud as I read it. Vlad has a fresh, engaging style and a thought-provoking approach. His enthusiasm is catching and to my surprise I found myself adopting some of his suggestions before I even reached the end of the book.”

– Gina from England

A lot of self-improvement authors take themselves too seriously. Sure, personal growth IS important and profound. But don’t forget to have fun along the way :). Don’t be a self-improvement Sisyphus – forever laboring to be more productive and focused, while forgetting the fun and playfulness! Enjoy the journey!

To help you with that, I have put together a free e-book. Just click the button below, and it’s yours!

I think you’ll LOVE this book because you:

  1. Want something different from all the old rehashed information on goal-setting, single-tasking and such
  2. Want a book that distills the core principles of personal growth, without wasting your time with boring fluff
  3. Want to have fun while learning and growing

Here’s a partial list of what you will find in the e-book:

  • The number one skill that fuels personal growth
  • How to turn short-term quirks into long term growth through habits
  • How to eat healthy without worrying about all sorts of crazy diets
  • The best way to exercise (it’s fun!)
  • A simple technique you can use immediately to become more calm and collected
  • Learn how everything in the book fits into the big picture – and then get specific techniques and examples to translate it all to the real world
  • The number one way to mine useful information out of past experiences
  • Stories from my past that I never shared before
  • Learn exactly where enthusiasm fits in the grand scheme of things – and why enthusiasm alone doesn’t bring lasting personal growth
  • A guest contribution by the star blogger Scott H. Young!
  • The one thing that the top 5% of successful people do naturally – and how you can start using it right NOW!
  • How to not just speed up your personal growth, but ACCELERATE it. The more you practice the techniques in this e-book, the faster you will grow as a person!
  • Five dense, information-packed chapters. No boring fluff. Everything in the book is straight to the point (okay, almost everything… you’ll see 🙂 ). You won’t be able to put the book down!
  • Stories and metaphors to help drive the information into your subconscious
  • Dozens of specific step-by-step techniques you can use IMMEDIATELY to start improving your life

Are you still having doubts? Here are a few objections you might be thinking right now:

Q: Do I really need yet another self-improvement e-book?
A: This isn’t just any self-improvement e-book. I have distilled years of my experience into five dense, information-packed chapters. All of the stuff in this book is proven to work, and truly transform your life. And it’s not some highly specific, marginally useful information. You will use information from every chapter of this book, every day, for the rest of your life!

Q: Why the huge sales copy?
A: Just practicing :). I know it’s a great book and it’s free, so I wouldn’t really need to oversell it so much. I’m just practicing for the future.

It’s really easy to get started. Just click this button:

Don’t hesitate!

The principles in this book aren’t just about speeding up your growth. They’re about ACCELERATING it. Every bit of self-improvement advice you read after reading this book will be MORE useful than before. And your personal growth will keep ACCELERATING every day! It might seem like a small difference in the first few days, but in a few months or years you’ll look back, and be amazed at how far you have come! Don’t sit around and wonder if this is the right thing to do! It’s completely risk-free, so go for it!

Here is what others have to say about the e-book:

“Your e-book is definitely packed full of good advice! Like a lot of other extremely useful information, it comes off as common sense. But people have a bad habit of ignoring common sense and being reminded with such useful stuff is a great way to make them realize what’s going on in their lives. Especially helpful here is the chapter on Awareness; it would seem ridiculous that people could expect to fix their problems without knowing where they are, but many do try this and won’t know why they’re failing until they really pinpoint what’s wrong or what could be improved.

“Your lighthearted tone makes the book more fun to read. Self-help type material can often seem overly serious (since the information really is so important), and so joking around a little is a great way to help get your advice across. It also keeps you from seeming ‘holier-than-thou’ at all, which is awesome because once you’re on the same plane as the reader in their mind, they’re a lot more receptive.

“You’d think that after reading so much self-help advice I’d know pretty much all of it but there’s always something new to learn. Try and get this out to as many people as possible because everyone will get something out of it!”

– Brian from Colorado

“I really like how you steer clear of the traditional: set goals, ???, profit, mentality of most personal development writers. The book does not try to help you become a perfect person, just an awesome one. It is a lot more reminding people about the basics. The things that are easy but we often forget. I have already read through about 3 times.”

– Alex from Canada

“The book was chock full of energy. This is one of your great strengths as a blogger to my mind, and I’m extremely pleased that it found its way into your book so seamlessly. Everything you write about you are excited about; you really care a lot, and it shows. Furthermore, your excitement is infectious. Just reading about how much fun you have changing your life makes me want to change mine that much more!”

– Joe from Colorado

“For me, the most useful thing about this ebook was the fourth chapter on how to change behaviour. I’ve read a lot of material on personal development recently, and quickly came to the conclusion that there were things about my life that I wanted to change. This was relatively easy, the real challenge was figuring out how to change, and more importantly, making these changes last. Chapter four gives clear and simple advice on how to make changes that last, and addresses how to prevent common problems which occur when people try to change their habits.

“I also enjoyed the earlier chapters which advocated figuring out what works for you rather than following the often conflicting advice of self-proclaimed ‘experts’ who often imply that you can only suceed by buying into the latest fad and related products that go along with it.

“The author is not afraid to use other people’s good ideas rather than stealing all the limelight for himself. Some of the biggest ideas in the ebook are ideas from other people that have been tried and tested, and found to have worked. This is a refreshing change from some self-improvement material in which the author feels they have to think of everything themself and just end up ‘reinventing the wheel’.

“This was a fantastic read, not too long, but contained tons of useful information and I’m grateful to have read it as I feel it’s going to help me make real changes in my life. Thanks Vlad!”

– Nicola from England

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