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Vlad Dolezal

I’ve got a few quick questions I’d like to ask you:

  • Do you feel that you have untapped potential?
  • Are you not sure what you want from life, but know that this is not it, and are you commited to making changes if only you knew what you really want?
  • Do you know what you want from life, but have been too scared until now to take action towards it?
  • Is your job draining the life out of you?
  • Do you have big dreams and plans but somehow never get around to doing something about them?
  • Do you genuinely want to know what makes you tick and how to motivate yourself?
  • Do you want to find your passion in life?

Take a few seconds to answer.

Done? If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then I can probably help you.

My name is Vlad Dolezal, and I’m a life coach. I help people like you get unstuck in their life, figure out what makes them tick on a deep level, and take massive action to make their life what they really want.

I do all of the above, and more. But I especially focus on the following areas:

  • Finding your passion in life

If you’re not sure what you want from life, but know that this is not it, I can help you. When we work together, we will find out what makes you tick on a deep level, and how you can move towards a life that makes you feel deeply, passionately alive.

  • Confidence coaching

If you know what you want from life, but find yourself chickening out from taking action, I can help you. From dealing with mental movies that hold you back, to banishing negative self-talk and limiting beliefs, to helping you be crystal clear on what action you want to take and why you want to take it, I will help you unleash your inner confidence.

  • “Getting stuff done” coaching


Action is the key to changing your life.

That’s why my approach to coaching centres around helping you take massive action towards the goals you want.

From figuring out what you really want from life, to turning that into specific action steps, to taking action. By the end of every call together, we will usually agree on several actions that you will take before the next call, and when you will take them. We will go through a couple of techniques based on deep psychological principles to help you make sure you’re really commited to taking action, and know what to do. And then I will keep you accountable, to make sure you take that action!

So if you’re tired of feeling stuck in your situation, let’s bust those limits!

A few signs we might not be right for each other

Given all of the above, there are also a few signs we’re probably not right for each other:

  • You just want to learn how to set goals – I can teach you that in half an hour, you don’t need to hire a life coach for that
  • You think that more money is the only thing you need to be happy
  • You only want to work on relationships – while I do relationship coaching as part of the holistic approach to help you improve your life, it doesn’t get me as pumped and excited as the issues I’ve talked about above. So if relationship coaching is all you’re after, you can find great coaches who specialize in that.
  • You have serious commitment issues (in terms of not doing things you promise to do)
  • You have psychiatric or medical issues (like PTSD, depression, …)

All clear, and you still think we’re probably a great fit? If you’re not sure, we can get on the phone for a 20-minute chat to help you figure out whether or not life coaching is right for you. Just e-mail me at me@vladdolezal.com to arrange a time.

So whether you’re sure we’ll get along great, or not entirely sure yet, let’s get to the meaty stuff. First, a quick summary of coaching:

What is life coaching?

In essence, life coaching is about helping you move from where you are right now to where you want to be, much faster and smoother than you could by yourself.

“Our sessions provided me with powerful tools for dealing with my own self-improvement endeavor. The insightful discussions we had have led me to choose my own path, my own goals.

And most importantly, I learned that the things that you set-up for yourself to do in life only matter if you actually do them, and not just think about them”

– Avi Shefi, Jerusalem, Israel

(see more testimonials from my clients)

Yes, you could handle most things yourself, given enough time. With a few exceptions (like finding your core values, or dealing with limiting beliefs, which some people never figure out), most of the things we will work with are things you could do alone.

But hiring a life coach will often save you months or even years of stumbling around, hoping to come across the solution to whatever is making you unhappy.

Life coaching is different from consulting or mentoring, because during our life coaching sessions together, most of the answers will come from you.

This is because you are by far the most qualified person to give yourself advice about your own life. I will only act as a catalyst, to help you uncover the right answers to your challenges, and occasionally provide you with tools and techniques to deal with specific problems.

Read Life Coaching Explained for a lot more details on how life coaching works.

(And, I’m sorry to disappoint, but I don’t wear a baseball cap and blow a whistle while coaching.)

 Pricing (and my try-before-you-pay deal)

I offer three different plans, as follows:

Pay-per-session: $97

This is simply a one-hour phone call with me. This is a very rare option, in case you only have one small pressing issue, like wanting to find out your core values. Most people will want one of my session packs instead:

Silver plan – 4 one-hour sessions: $297 (save $91)

My try-before-you-pay deal:

If you hire me for the 4-session plan or the 6-session plan, I will only ask you to pay me after our first call together.

If you are not satisfied for any reason, you do not have to pay me. Just take the first session free, compliments of me, for giving life coaching a fair shot.

(see below for more information)

This is a pack of 4 one-hour phone calls with me. Ideal if you have a few smaller issues you want to handle. Finding your direction in life, finding out your core values, maybe a big project you’ve been procrastinating on.

My clients usually arrange these once a week, because that offers an optimum balance between keeping you accountable and giving you time to take action after each session.

Of course, you are free to arrange the sessions any time you want, up to 24 months from the time of the first session. Also, this plan includes my try-before-you-pay deal.

Gold plan – 6 one-hour sessions: $397 (save $185)

A pack of 6 one-hour phone calls with me. Ideal to deal with any issues you want to handle. We will chew right through them, and get you taking action and moving solidly towards the life you really want.

My clients usually arrange these either once a week throughout the plan, or keep the first four phone calls once a week, then space out the last two calls a bit more, to allow more time to take action during the less intense part of the coaching.

Also includes my try-before-you-pay deal.

(Note that I will pay for all calls, either to Skype, or to a land-line phone.)

What’s up with the try-before-you-pay deal?

I know that hiring a life coach is a pretty big step for you. There’s a very good chance you’ve never hired a life coach before. So you don’t really have a first-hand experience of how much life coaching will benefit you. At the back of your mind, you probably have a small nagging voice saying you might be getting ripped off, or not investing your money wisely.

I, on the other hand, have first-hand experience with life coaching. I know how much value it provides to people.

So that’s why I’m essentially flipping the risk around. I’m fully confident most clients will get huge value from my coaching. Sure, I might get ripped off occasionally, but I think this small risk is well worth helping dozens of potential clients make the decision to get a life coach and reap the benefits.

If you hire me for one of my session packs, I will only ask you to pay me after our first full session (but before the second).

If you’re not happy with the coaching relationship for whatever reason (or if I feel we’re not right for each other), we can just stop after the first session. You won’t owe me anything, and you can keep the first session as a free gift, compliments of me, for giving life coaching a fair shot.

Once we’ve had our first phone call, and we’re still happy working together, I’ll send you the PayPal payment link. PayPal is a secure (and convenient) third-party payment provider, which basically means I’ll never get to see your credit card details, only receive the specified amount of money.

How our sessions together will run

Our sessions will be either over the phone, or over Skype. If you choose the Skype option, we can have the calls with or without video (whichever you prefer).

“(…) Vlad was encouraging me to organise my own life and asking the sort of questions that would help me to do just that.  It was all within me. it just needed someone like Vlad to release it.

I found myself looking forward to each weekly session because I knew there would new information that would help me to improve my life in  some way.”

– Tom Kerr, Sydney, Australia

(see more testimonials from my clients)

In either case, I will pay for all calls to Skype or to a land-line phone.

Before we start the coaching, I will send you a few preliminary documents for you to fill in and return to me before your first session. This will allow me to get a good grip on how satisfied you are with your life in general, as well as giving me a good idea of the specific issue(s) you want to work on.

This will save us time and generally allow us to already start working on your sticking points during our first session.

I can’t tell you exactly what we will do each session because it’s completely different based on the needs of each individual client. But generally, if we look into discovering your core values (as I do with the majority of my clients), we will do that during our second session together.

During each session, ask we talk about your sticking points, you will occasionally have an “ah-ha!” moment and come up with a specific action that you can use to advance your life towards what you want it to be. Towards the end of each session, we will agree on exactly which of these actions you want to take before the next coaching call, and set clear conditions and deadlines for each of them.

I will then keep you accountable on those goals, and in my experience, you are nearly certain to take those actions and starting making significant changes to your life, right from the first session.

This is on top of all the increased clarity and understanding of your thoughts (which we will mostly achieve during our sessions). Because as nice as those are, your life won’t really change that much unless you take real-world action!

By the end of our sessions together, you will have a clear grip on your situation, and all the strategies and techniques you will need to handle your specific issues.

You will have taken significant action to change your life, but that’s not the end of it. That’s just the beginning.

Because now that you have busted through your sticking points, you will continue to take action and improve your life, for months and even years to come!

That’s why I offer just 4 or 6 (net) hours of coaching, depending on the pack you choose. Because that’s all you need to overcome the sticking points and get set on a journey to massively improve your life. You are quite capable of handling your life otherwise, and don’t need anybody to hold your hand long-term.

Also, after we finish our sessions together, I will generally ask you to have a quick follow-up call 6 months after we finish, and then 12 months after, just to see how you’re doing and how much you have improved your life in that time.

What my past clients have to say

I’ve built my life coaching offer to stand on its own merits (with the try-before-you-pay deal, and all), but if you want some words from real clients, you can check out my Testimonials page. I’m also including a few sample ones below:

Hi Vlad,

Just a brief note to thank you for the excellent coaching! With your help, I was able to pull out of a serious slump I’d been in for quite a while.

I had originally read most of the articles on your blog and learned a lot from them. I had also gotten great value from your email course on procrastination. I printed out the entire course, as well as a number of your blog posts, and worked thru them. Good stuff, and fun, too.

But still, there was something I wasn’t quite getting; some aspect of my mental process that was somehow eluding my efforts to get unstuck and motivated. So when I first read about your coaching, I decided to go for it. And I’m glad that I did!

Thanks to your coaching, I’ve now got some powerful tools in my mental toolbox to help me self-motivate and stay on track when needed.

I really appreciate your guidance, friendliness, and your willingness to hold me accountable on some things. You went above and beyond the high expectations I had from reading your blog and taking your ecourse.

Thanks Again,
David Campbell, Denver, Colorado, USA

When Vlad Dolezal offered to become my Life Coach I was initially sceptical. How could someone I barely knew who was considerably younger than me tell me how to live my life? I soon found the answer to this question and a lot more besides! The first session with Vlad cleared up the misconception that a life coach tells you how your life should be lived. By the end of it I realised that Vlad was encouraging me to organise my own life and asking the sort of questions that would help me to do just that. It was all within me. it just needed someone like Vlad to release it. I found myself looking forward to each weekly session because I knew there would new information that would help me to improve my life in some way.

As someone fortunate to be in full time employment, I had previously avoided taking the opportunity to look at the trajectory of my life to see if it was heading in a good direction – or not. I was always too busy to take this all-important step, even though my days were often driven by fears of missed deadlines or forgotten tasks re-appearing to haunt me. Fortunately, signing up for a series of life-coaching sessions with Vlad gave me the opportunity to devote time to thinking about myself and my life goals in very practical terms. He first helped me to see that tasks that look insurmountable can be broken up into a series of easily achievable sub-goals, and then showed me how to build the motivation to see them through. These simple-looking “tricks of the trade” are actually profound insights into the way humans think and behave in general, and it took Vlad’s sessions and his own insights into human behaviour to reveal them as practical rules for living a life in the best way possible.

I cherish the practical advice that Vlad passed on to me and I highly recommend his course to anyone who wishes to regain control of their own destiny. And the cream on the top is that he’s a really nice funny guy to talk to.

Tom Kerr, Sydney, Australia

Dear Reader,

I sent an email to Vlad when he offered free life coaching in the hope that all my problems in life would vanish. This did not happen. This cannot happen. There is no instant recipe for making things better. I’ve learned that from Vlad. I’ve also learned a few techniques to better analyse the problems that I have. Not all problems have solutions, sometimes, you just need to wait out the storm. Have a plan for when the storm passes, and watch for when it does. But there are some things that are simply not yours to change.

Vlad helped me to identify my core values. An extension of my core values are anti-values. These are the things which on a subconscious level pull or push us toward or away from a situation or person. I now understand why things feel “right” or “good” to me and why things feel “wrong” or “bad”. It is simply because they appeal to my core values or conflict with my anti-values. These are both concepts that were entirely new to me. I’ve learned how to assess a situation to see how it aligns with these values and am better able to decide on whether to pursue or avoid something.

I’ve learned from Vlad to not focus on the destination of a journey or goal; but rather to focus on the single steps needed to move in the direction of the goal. I’ve learned that the road is not always straight, heading directly toward the endpoint. Sometimes it curves and takes you a few steps back before heading in the correct direction. The point is to keep moving.

I would certainly recommend working with Vlad to anyone. His knowledge about personal development is immense and the confidence with which he conveys that knowledge is enviable. I am certain that he will attain great success, both personally and with his clients, in future life coaching.

Richard Chase, Johannesburg, South Africa

What to do if you’re interested

Interested in life coaching?

In that case, either e-mail me at me@vladdolezal.com, or fill in the contact form below.

Ask me to arrange a free 20-minute consultation to figure out if life coaching is right for you. Or, if you’re already fully convinced that you want to hire a life coach and that I’m the right person for you, ask me to get started on the coaching as soon as possible, so we can start changing your life for the better.

Also, if you have any questions I haven’t answered… again, either e-mail me or fill in the form below. I look forward to hearing from you!