I can toot my own horn all I want, but hey, of course I think I’m awesome. I’m me!

To give you an outside perspective, here’s what other people have to say. All the testimonials below are from people who have hired me for life coaching:

Vlad has such patience and also razor sharp ability to take the session where it needs to be. He is quite economical in his methods and in every way that the conversation and whole experience takes place. I felt like he was my closest best friend, yet also a great professional who kept things right on target.

Shira Flam, New York City, New York

(…) we worked on the core aspects of my life – my career, a balanced life and improving my relationships. By asking the right questions Vlad allowed me to expand and probe each area, eventually unlocking the answers to each section. Between weeks, he’d hold me accountable to a few action steps that kick started me on my way to a “better me”.

Thanks to Vlad (and his “rubber band” test), I’m living more consciously. I’ve managed to cut out the gray areas in my life and am doing the things that I’ve always wanted to do.

Valencio Cardoso, Dubai, U.A.E.

After getting accepted into medical school, I felt like I had reached a plateau in life. Medical school lectures about health and anatomy didn’t seem to spark my interest as much as I thought they would. Vlad seemed to have a genuine interest in my concern and talked me through my core values very patiently. He asked the pertinent questions, and this helped me realize that I actually tend to value “Connection, Peace, and Love,” more than I value “Health and medicine.” Finding out this information about myself made a lot of sense to me and it completely changed how I feel about medical school. While improving health is important to me, I am now using my time in medical school as an opportunity to find a specialty in the medical field that allows me to connect with people and help them acheive peace and love in their lives, as well as helping them with their basic health needs. I have actually already started to apply what I learned from talking to Vlad. At the medical center where I go to school, I have found student clubs and interest groups that also value and promote peace and connection, as well as basic healthcare.

So besides helping me find out what my core values are and how that relates to medicine, Vlad was willing and capable of having a conversation about anything I wanted to talk about, and he was able to go into as much depth as I wanted to go. For example, I had realized before talking to Vlad how important the sub-conscious mind is, or how our subconscious beliefs ultimately control our behavior. So, when I talked to Vlad, I wanted to pick his brain for his ideas about how to take “conscious control” over “subconscious” issues or beliefs. And Vlad had the answers! His answers weren’t gimmicky or superficial; he has actually put in the time and effort to find out how the human mind works. We had a fascinating and in-depth conversation–one of those conversations that stays with you and really changes how you see the world.

So obviously, I am extremely satisfied with my conversations with Vlad. Since I don’t have time to read hundreds of books about the human mind and personal development, and then compile them into clear and easy-to-understand advice, I will continue to look to Vlad for information and advice on the human mind and personal development. Thanks Vlad!

Curt Larson, Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA

Hi Vlad,

Just a brief note to thank you for the excellent coaching! With your help, I was able to pull out of a serious slump I’d been in for quite a while.

I had originally read most of the articles on your blog and learned a lot from them. I had also gotten great value from your email course on procrastination. I printed out the entire course, as well as a number of your blog posts, and worked thru them. Good stuff, and fun, too.

But still, there was something I wasn’t quite getting; some aspect of my mental process that was somehow eluding my efforts to get unstuck and motivated. So when I first read about your coaching, I decided to go for it. And I’m glad that I did!

Thanks to your coaching, I’ve now got some powerful tools in my mental toolbox to help me self-motivate and stay on track when needed.

I really appreciate your guidance, friendliness, and your willingness to hold me accountable on some things. You went above and beyond the high expectations I had from reading your blog and taking your ecourse.

Thanks Again,
David Campbell, Denver, Colorado, USA

Vlad gave me four hours of life coaching of an hour a week spread over a month. Looking back at where I was at the beginning of this period and where I am now there is a noticeable difference. My life is closer to my ideal life, and I have more clarity about where I am going. The primary reason I wanted to do the life coaching was to improve my studying and working through this with Vlad I have come with successful strategies to improve things.

Vlad used the life coaching sessions to elicit what I already knew. There were several ah ha moments where something in my subconscious came to light or I actually tried something out that I had heard before and found that it was useful. Vlad was very much a coach helping me do what I wanted to do.

I found the process valuable and useful and if I need a life coach in the future Vlad is the person I’ll turn to when he starts working properly.

Cheers Vlad!

David Lawson, Oxford, UK

Dear Reader,

I sent an email to Vlad when he offered free life coaching in the hope that all my problems in life would vanish. This did not happen. This cannot happen. There is no instant recipe for making things better. I’ve learned that from Vlad. I’ve also learned a few techniques to better analyse the problems that I have. Not all problems have solutions, sometimes, you just need to wait out the storm. Have a plan for when the storm passes, and watch for when it does. But there are some things that are simply not yours to change.

Vlad helped me to identify my core values. An extension of my core values are anti-values. These are the things which on a subconscious level pull or push us toward or away from a situation or person. I now understand why things feel “right” or “good” to me and why things feel “wrong” or “bad”. It is simply because they appeal to my core values or conflict with my anti-values. These are both concepts that were entirely new to me. I’ve learned how to assess a situation to see how it aligns with these values and am better able to decide on whether to pursue or avoid something.

I’ve learned from Vlad to not focus on the destination of a journey or goal; but rather to focus on the single steps needed to move in the direction of the goal. I’ve learned that the road is not always straight, heading directly toward the endpoint. Sometimes it curves and takes you a few steps back before heading in the correct direction. The point is to keep moving.

I would certainly recommend working with Vlad to anyone. His knowledge about personal development is immense and the confidence with which he conveys that knowledge is enviable. I am certain that he will attain great success, both personally and with his clients, in future life coaching.

Richard Chase, Johannesburg, South Africa

At first I wasn’t aware of how I can improve my life, or even what were my personal goals. Vlad showed me that not everything is what it seems to be. Our sessions provided me with powerful tools for dealing with my own self-improvement endeavor. The insightful discussions we had have led me to choose my own path, my own goals. And most importantly, I learned that the things that you set-up for yourself to do in life only matter if you actually do them, and not just think about them.

Thank you for the change you caused in me, and for the ideas that now make me believe in myself more than ever. I recommend this for anyone who seeks out for his own personal development, and is interested in living a better life.

Thank you! 🙂

Avi Shefi, Jerusalem, Israel

When Vlad Dolezal offered to become my Life Coach I was initially sceptical. How could someone I barely knew who was considerably younger than me tell me how to live my life? I soon found the answer to this question and a lot more besides! The first session with Vlad cleared up the misconception that a life coach tells you how your life should be lived. By the end of it I realised that Vlad was encouraging me to organise my own life and asking the sort of questions that would help me to do just that. It was all within me. it just needed someone like Vlad to release it. I found myself looking forward to each weekly session because I knew there would new information that would help me to improve my life in some way.

As someone fortunate to be in full time employment, I had previously avoided taking the opportunity to look at the trajectory of my life to see if it was heading in a good direction – or not. I was always too busy to take this all-important step, even though my days were often driven by fears of missed deadlines or forgotten tasks re-appearing to haunt me. Fortunately, signing up for a series of life-coaching sessions with Vlad gave me the opportunity to devote time to thinking about myself and my life goals in very practical terms. He first helped me to see that tasks that look insurmountable can be broken up into a series of easily achievable sub-goals, and then showed me how to build the motivation to see them through. These simple-looking “tricks of the trade” are actually profound insights into the way humans think and behave in general, and it took Vlad’s sessions and his own insights into human behaviour to reveal them as practical rules for living a life in the best way possible.

I cherish the practical advice that Vlad passed on to me and I highly recommend his course to anyone who wishes to regain control of their own destiny. And the cream on the top is that he’s a really nice funny guy to talk to.

Tom Kerr, Sydney, Australia

Vlad not only helped me to improve 14 out of 16 areas in my life, but he also listened to me patiently. He gave me all the time that I needed to order my thoughts and to create ideas on how to take the next steps in my life.

In order to start to become a life coach I wanted to change a lot in a short period of time. I moved to Munich, started a new job, changed my diet and started to work out. Vlad helped me to make this dream become a reality.

I think the most important thing that a life coach can do for you is to make you be able to see clearly what you really want in life.

And he’ll show you that you already have the energy to go for it and to make it happen.

It only has to be unleashed…

Aljoscha Laschgari, Munich, Germany

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